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It’s true that we love one another…

Molly: I love Jack White like a little brother. Jack: Well Molly I love you too… Molly: Tee hee! *blush* I have changed my mind about Jack White. He is no longer a USM. He is a Beautiful Sexy Man. … Continue reading

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I Can’t Wait Till You Try To Come Back

…from the White Stripes show without a t-shirt for Fisher and a few awesome photos. ‘Cuz it’s so not going to happen. See you Wednesday, figuratively speaking. About seeing you, not about Wednesday.

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This, also that, also t’other

So. Um. Been a while, hasn’t it? Somehow it’s much easier to keep up with the blog when I’m going through a period of enforced computer-related activity (vis-a-vis writing the book). And much less so when I’m being virtuous by … Continue reading

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Quick quote of the day

"Preachers are not called upon to be politicians but soul-winners. Nowhere are we commissioned to reform the externals." ~Jerry Falwell, responding to the growing prominence of a young African-American minister-reformer named Martin Luther King, Jr. More later…. I’ve been a … Continue reading

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Just sent the last piece out the door. I had finished the final chapter last night and gone back to add some image tags and captions to one of the other chapters… when all of a sudden, crazy messages like … Continue reading

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One chapter to go

Just one more chapter. Just 23 pages. And I will be done, at least with the preliminary draftical part that happens before people start calling me up and asking me to write missing captions, locate errant images and so on … Continue reading

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Hey, look! April got her shirt!

Doesn’t she look fantabulous? And you can get one, too… it’s easy and fun.

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