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Word up

Hey, look what I made: If you have a blog or anything else with an RSS feed, you can generate a "collage" of words found on that page at It's free and it's fun, and you can adjust the … Continue reading

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When choosing between two possible courses of action, using a flowchart can help you clarify your thinking and foresee possible outcomes.

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Step off, Spielberg…

…and make room for the mad video skillz of Fred and Sharon. Now I want to have a birthday, anniversary, theater show or other special event just so I can get Fred and Sharon to show up and film it. … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s because I said I eat a lot of beef?

How evil are you? Stolen, in my evil way, from azureavian. …sigh… Apparently, according to the authors of this quiz, fantasizing about philosophy is less evil than fantasizing about sex. So woud philosophizing about sex be more or less evil? … Continue reading

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Books are for nerds.

And, apparently, reading books to your children is for nerdy parents. All the cool parents will now be farming out their dreary drudgerous reading-aloud duties to the Tag Reading System, a new wonder device from your good friends at LeapFrog. … Continue reading

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Non-representative sample

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve never been a Nielsen TV viewer, a political poll-ee or a market research survey subject. Because I would apparently skew the results to the point of unacceptability. I just don’t seem to fit … Continue reading

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My life as a Lego

Via Pharyngula (where else): This is what I would look like, were I a daring quasi-goth Lego superheroine. (The coffee cup slogan is a Handsome Family reference.) Lego-fy yourself here; let me know if you do.

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So I got out of bed this morning and we had a new digital camera. This one. So if all goes well, I should be able to start adding photos to the blog around Thursday or Friday…

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