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Segregation in the classroom–hurt or help?

New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof edits the regular "On the Ground" column, which publishes essays by teachers in public schools around the US about education and its discontents. Yesterday’s essay, "The Mire," by Chicago inner-city teacher Will Okum, talks … Continue reading

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Bewitched, birthdayed and betagged

In the Schardt/Newman clan, our birthdays run in packs. Rhys’ is the start of the spring pack. Five days after his birthday–today, in fact–is my mom’s Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary. Happy happy happy birthday, Mum! Hope you enjoy the presents … Continue reading

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ZOMG best pasta ever

Jim is working tonight. He’s working most nights until 1 in the morning now, which means the boys and I are pretty much on our own for dinner. In the two weeks I’ve been nighttime-single-parenting it, we’ve been eating basic, … Continue reading

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Baby steps, baby steps; or, when the Universe speaks, perhaps one ought to listen

So last night I was chillin’ at Mississippi Pizza Pub* with the fam, my friend Suzanne and her husband Howard. Suzanne is a writer, formerly a lawyer; a comic book and SF fan; and an all-around swell geeky kind of … Continue reading

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Birthday Berry Benham Blowout

Seven years ago today, on a cold, dark night …early spring morning… Rhys made his triumphant remarkably peaceful entrance into the world. What’s cool about his birthday being April 20, which day he shares with Adolf Hitler, is how completely … Continue reading

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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Best part: "corporal cuddling."

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The gentle art of playlisting

Some of you may remember that I used to have a radio show once upon a time, and that my very most favoritest part of having that show was spending hours designing The Perfect Playlist. One of my show’s reasons … Continue reading

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No man is an island, I mean, seriously

Homeschoolers, surprisingly, are a fractious bunch. On your one hand, you’ve got the biblical-creation, God-hates-gays, keepers-at-home religious crew. And on your other hand, you’ve got your free-to-be-you-and-me, crunchy-granola, curriculum-is-for-the-weak nonreligious crew. And on your other other hand, you’ve got the … Continue reading

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Physics makes us all its bitches

Sam posted a music video (Dead Prez’s "Hip Hop," totally worth watching), and so I thought I ought to post one too. Bandwagons for everybody! This is Of Montreal’s "Gronlandic Edit," one of my favoritest songs ever. And a head-hurty … Continue reading

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