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The long, long, long, long and winding road

Well, it did at least eventually lead to our door. When last we met, our intrepid crew was holed up in the Redding Super 8, where one of the few comforts (almost making up for the nonfunctioning remote control, but … Continue reading

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…and once again, au revoir

…but not adieu. My mom and I felt the need for some mama-daughter time, so I’m heading out tomorrow for four days in California. My dad’s picking me up from the airport and I get to hang out with him … Continue reading

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Schayonara, schweethearts

Duty calls! I’m leaving this afternoon for a three-day meeting in Salt Lake City, that international capital of hedonistic excitement. And I’m not… bringing… my laptop. (Heresy!) Behave yourselves while I’m gone, and do pop back in for round two … Continue reading

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“Ants! Ants!” she shouted

So I’ve been in Chicago for CHA the last four days. Just sat down at my desk about ten minutes ago. Didn’t leave any food out; no errant coffee cups; no breadcrumbs, not so much as a dried puddle of … Continue reading

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Bus a move

So we are no longer a one-car family. Once upon a time, a thousand or so years ago (well, twelve to eight), Jim and I owned a very fine VW Westfalia camper. It was "Taiga Green" in color, or "Taigagr√ľn" … Continue reading

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