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Jingle bell rock

Guess who got an Ibanez electric guitar and amp for Christmas? (Yes, his hair is doing some bizarre Robert Smith-bedhead thing. No, he’s not interested in having me fix it.) And guess who got a very-much-a-toy drum kit? Golly, you’d … Continue reading

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Merry, merry

fa la la. We can’t find the stockings, and our cat just came in sporting an enormous oozing abscess on the side of his head. Deck the halls with feline blood/pus…

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Your show of shows

Today on KAFM, 1-4 p.m. The sorta-kinda holiday show, featuring the Ramones, Spinal Tap, Prince, the Pogues and absolutely no Bing Crosby. Also, the awesome guest star talents of the lovely Zara. Tune it in, bitches!

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Separated at birth?

Despite appearances to the contrary, I swear I did not break my marital vows with Beck Hansen…

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Playing bass and the desire to succeed in all things

So Jim got me a bass for my 31st birthday this last June, and my parents got me an amp to go with it. Did I mention that before? And I’ve played it a grand total of oh, four or … Continue reading

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Cuteness is my business…

…and business is good. (With apologies to Megadeth.)

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Merry Christmeme

Via Mimi’s Books, ’cause I lurv Christmas: 1. Egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with a little some’n some’n in it. And on Christmas morning, Brandy Alexanders (Brandies Alexander?).2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the … Continue reading

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Go, Dog. Go!

You know how you can look at something five million times and yet miss a perfectly obvious detail until someone else points it out to you? That’s what I did with the the title of this children’s classic. I could’ve … Continue reading

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Radio show today–Covers & Remixes. Including things like Cake’s version of "I Will Survive" and the Boom Bip remix of Her Space Holiday’s "The Luxury of Loneliness." 1-4 p.m. Mountain time on KAFM. Requests, anyone?

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Because one blog is not enough

The new "Molly’s Blog" (creative name, no? I think it needs to be changed. Suggestions?) is up at Today’s topic: cool goodies for digital scrapbookers’ holiday wish lists. Speaking of wish lists: what do you want for Christmas/ Hanukkah … Continue reading

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