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Another musical interlude

Fisher, just now: "Sweet dreams are made of theseBaked potatoes and lots of peasI travel the world and I eat some cheeseEverybody’s ready for munchin’…" We’re not sure what his costume is going to be tonight, but I’m rooting for … Continue reading

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Pick nine, only nine

From the NYT Lede blog: The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, is trying to encourage more of her citizenry to read books by giving boxes of as many as nine books to 400,000 poor families, according to The Economist. The … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas… I need your help

We’re doing the 100%-non-made-in-China thing for Christmas. Can anyone recommend some stellar toys not made in China, not made in the Marianas, not made by sweatshop labor anywhere, not having anything to do with any movie or television character? (We’re … Continue reading

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Have fun, get smart, feed poor

Just got word of this site from a homeschool mailing list I read. It’s called FreeRice, and it’s a multiple-choice vocabulary game. For each word you define correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to help feed hungry people worldwide. … Continue reading

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Speaking of horrifying Halloween spectacles… This is the trailer for "Repo: The Genetic Opera," starring Paris Hilton and, oddly, Sarah Brightman. Coming to theatres near you for oh, three days or so next February. Would somebody please let me in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wandom 10: Fangirl Edition

Things that are making me happy: After the news of Dumbledore’s sexuality came out (ha ha) the other day, I was explaining the concept of fanfic and slashfic to Jim. He was, unsurprisingly, especially fascinated by the notion of taking … Continue reading

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Non-representative sample

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve never been a Nielsen TV viewer, a political poll-ee or a market research survey subject. Because I would apparently skew the results to the point of unacceptability. I just don’t seem to fit … Continue reading

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111 shirtless men at Abercrombie & Fitch

Rage against the machine, guys! Read more about it at Improv Everywhere.

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Shambling toward unschooling

Hooray for reality TV! From hoary old chestnuts such as Survivor to new and exciting permutations such as Kid Nation, audiences just can’t seem to get a big enough dose of deceptively edited, manipulatively staged "real life." This new two-part … Continue reading

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Here we go, WriMo

Signed up once again for National Novel Writing Month. Am full aware that this signing up has no chance of resulting in a brand-new 50K-word novel, but am hopeful that it will help motivate me to add substantial chunks to … Continue reading

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