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That’s all, folks

We closed on the house this morning. Now we’re officially homeless… and still packing like madmen/women. Tomorrow, assuming the truck shows up (there’s some question about that, alas), we start loading and preparing to roll out Sunday morning. Should be … Continue reading

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Moving right along

This post is brought to you by the chair pad under my computer desk, where I’m kneeling as I type because my stunningly uncomfortable desk chair is piled high with tape guns, marking pens, scissors and other accoutrements of stuffing … Continue reading

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Walking with dinosaurs, and eating salad with them too

Hello and welcome to my humble entry to the "Creation Museum" carnival, celebrating the opening of Ken Ham‘s lifework: a 60,000 square foot, $27 million complex designed by Paul Mitchell, architect of such other counterfactual whizbangs as the "Jaws" and … Continue reading

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Packing office

…purest hell. Pics to follow, maybe. Oh yeah–the house appraised/inspected/all that good stuff. We’re out of here on the 3rd. Happy birthday, Sweetie Pie!

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Two, via Amy

Because she is such an English Geek. Two names I go by:1. Mama ("… look at this. Mama, what is this song about? Mama, how old do you think that house is?")2. Deirdre Benham–my aspiring pseudonym. There’s a whole story … Continue reading

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Straight before eight

So the boys spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Saturday, providing Sweetie and me with ample opportunity to go out on the town and engage in serious misbehavior. It was Bike Festival weekend, so we rode our … Continue reading

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i can has lolcatz?

Inspired by Laelaps… my entree into the exciting new world of science-based cat macros. (Yes, that’s Her Royal Highnessness, Princess Ella von Fluffenstein. )

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This house has gotta lotta walls*

…and it looks as if come June 4th, 8 a.m., they’re all going to belong to someone else. The Inspection Issue (our heater being almost 50 years old) has been resolved, we think; and, barring some inexplicable failure to appraise, … Continue reading

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Why The Book will never sell

…a study in self-criticism. To catch the three or so people who may be reading the Pic-Dem now but weren’t a few months/years ago–The Book is a fantasy novel, kind of (see below) that’s currently sorta-13, sorta-14 chapters in length … Continue reading

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Sunshine and sickness

So we’ve been sick. Bleah. Have I mentioned this already? Have I mentioned Jim’s persistent cough, which turned into sinusitis, which turned into a punctured eardrum? Have I mentioned waking up in the middle of the night to the melodious … Continue reading

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