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Not dead yet

…not quite, anyway. I got a line of dialogue stuck in my head during my shower the other evening. Got out, toweled off, tucked myself into bed and the line was still there.* All I could do was grab a … Continue reading

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New year, new things, 701

Happy 2009, people! New things are afoot, including, quite possibly, a cooking/huswifery blog. If you would like to be involved as a co-/guest author or have a site you'd like me to add to that blogroll, please LMK soonest. OK, … Continue reading

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Jim: "You haven't posted anything since December tenth!"Me: "I haven't had anything to say."Jim: "That's not true."Me: (thinking) Oh, but it is. Happy winter! We are celebrating by being buried under 8" of lovely fluffy white snow, capped with a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: the aftermath

So you cook and you cook and you cook and you cook, and then you eat for like 15 minutes and 10 minutes of that is spent remonstrating with your children about their abysmal table manners (though, in their defense, … Continue reading

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If you don’t have something nice to say…

…don't say anything. (Or, as I imagine my Grammy might have said, "Come sit next to me.") Also, if all you're going to blog about is how you haven't been blogging… yeah, don't bother. Anyway: I am still unemployed, increasingly … Continue reading

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Obsessions old & new

Jim: having our friend Mike build him some frames so he can pull together a photo show (location TBD; anybody know a gallery owner?); his new basement photo studio (pics coming) Fisher: the Pour le Merit medal (coming his way … Continue reading

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Nowell, Nowell

First things first: a very happy birthday to my belovedest brother! 28… man, that's getting up there. Second things second: at the suggestion of my genius sister, the Schardt/Newman clan is going Handmade for the Holidays. Yep, break out the … Continue reading

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