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1. Get my feature outlined today and written by the end of the day on Thursday.2. Get my photo column outlined today and written by the end of the day tomorrow.3. Go through submissions for my techniques column by the … Continue reading

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Go Giants!

Yeah, that’s pretty much all. Back from Las Vegas last night… still a little tired, a little perhaps hungoverish, but still looking forward to the game. May the gods of accuracy place their benediction on Eli’s throwing arm… and may … Continue reading

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How I know I’m really a boy, Reasons #4678-4681

Football (srsly, if anyone had to beat the Packers, I’m glad it was the Giants. I may feel a post brewing on Eli Manning.) Mogwai, also Mastodon, also Godflesh Fear and loathing of rom-coms Unstinting adoration of movies made from … Continue reading

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In which I wax unpoetic about my favorite thing about America

So I got an e-mail from my favorite wacky local art-goodies store, Collage. And it announced that they are having a super! incredible! "shopping-mall-proportion!" sale in tandem with several other local indie stores. Awesome! Swell! Let me grab my wallet! … Continue reading

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U-6 Soccer: Tale of a Triumph

So today was Fisher’s first soccer game as a player, Jim’s first as a coach, and my first as an assistant coach. If you’re not familiar with the wonder that is U-6 (under 6) soccer, it goes something like this: … Continue reading

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