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And now for something completely different…

So you know those fun little questionnaires that people e-mail to you asking things like "when is your anniversary?" and "if you could survive on any three foods alone, what would they be?" This is my humble contribution to the … Continue reading

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When Spring attacks

$6.99 at Safeway on Saturday… a paleish collection of tightly sealed buds. Two days later: spring has sprung, right here on my dining room table. Second image devoid of cereal bowls, science experiments in progress and the front cover of … Continue reading

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Best. Thing. Ever.

Totally worth the download time. Just start it DLing, go fix some tea, come back and prepare to stand amazed. Marimba Ponies Double-recommended by Herm and Herm’s Sweetie. Maddest of props to them both.

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Words to live by

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money." –Samuel Johnson So maybe this is my problem. As much as I say I want to finish my novel, and as much as I think I want to finish my … Continue reading

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Procrastination station

This is how you know you’re really putting off work: You decide today would be a great day to index your rubber stamps. Doesn’t that sound like oodles of OCD fun?

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Cover girl

Just saw a mockup of the cover for Digital 5. It looks freakin’ awesome (thanks, Cathy)… super-vibrant colors and something kinda cool and out of the ordinary with Photoshop brushes… hee hee… Coming to a newsstand near you May 9! … Continue reading

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More posts about punkbooking and tunes

So we have a new (though tentative) name for this Thing That Is Not Exactly Scrapbooking, but Sort Of Like It, that is done by People Who Are Most Certainly Not Scrapbookers, But Have Photos and Interesting Stories to Preserve. … Continue reading

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