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Winter wonderland

Look: snow! Strolling down Alberta Street in a mini-blizzard. We're smiling because we love snow. The ice storm left a beautiful glaze all over the tree in front of our house. The gate into Portland's Chinatown. Notice car-shaped snow blob. … Continue reading

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Jim: "You haven't posted anything since December tenth!"Me: "I haven't had anything to say."Jim: "That's not true."Me: (thinking) Oh, but it is. Happy winter! We are celebrating by being buried under 8" of lovely fluffy white snow, capped with a … Continue reading

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An unexpected obstacle

So I want to design cute holiday cards for other people and maybe make it so we can have a wee bit of a Christmas this year. But in order to do so, I need some good sample photos. And … Continue reading

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It’s oh so quiet

Tuesday afternoon, we packed up the giant orange suitcase and the two crammed-full-of-books backpacks and the large stuffed cheetah (Schwarz) and the small stuffed jaguar?/leopard? (D.C.) and the seven-year-old blond kid and the nine-year-old brunet kid into the Land Rover … Continue reading

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The wages of craft is cheese

So here’s the shirt I made for the spelling bee (which I did not win… I messed up on “alopecia,” which I know perfectly well how to spell IRL. Do you think it had something to do with the glass … Continue reading

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Conversations with the homeschooled

First of all: wow. I am overwhelmed. Seriously. Everyone who commented on my post about trying to encourage Rhys to read; everyone from the fabulous Orsig list who wended (?) his or her way over here to read more of … Continue reading

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Are we having fun yet?

Doesn’t look like it, does it? In fact, it sort of looks like these folks (three of whom are apparently members of the Matching Douchebag Hat Society) are in line at the low-income medical clinic waiting to get their gonorrhea … Continue reading

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