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Physics makes us all its bitches

Sam posted a music video (Dead Prez’s "Hip Hop," totally worth watching), and so I thought I ought to post one too. Bandwagons for everybody! This is Of Montreal’s "Gronlandic Edit," one of my favoritest songs ever. And a head-hurty … Continue reading

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My exciting so-called life

This to-do list is mostly up here for my benefit… please feel free to ignore. Sunday finish Photoshop tutorial article Done! watch Packers defeat Giants in a thrilling, ultimately rewarding game which allows Eli Manning to retain his quarterbackial dignity … Continue reading

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All is well, or, irrelevantish newsy bits

Tell you what, this Getting Sh*t Handled stuff really makes a difference. My parents (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) and brother (Hi Benjamin!) were up from California for Thanksgiving, and a lovely time was had by all. Except that I readily … Continue reading

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In which one book is finished, another begun

The boys got back from Colorado Wednesday night–it was un-freakin’-believable how much I missed them–and while Jim and I were waiting at the airport for the cutest little unaccompanied minors in Portland, I finished Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience … Continue reading

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Getting Sh*t Handled

David Allen is my own personal guru. Not really personally. He wouldn’t know me from a crack in the sidewalk; he wouldn’t know me if I walked up and kicked him in the kneecap. But though we’ve never and probably … Continue reading

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Small things that make an unexpectedly large difference

(Wow, if Morrissey would’ve just come up with a song by that name, he really coulda been a contender.) So as part of my associate-editorial responsibilities, I need to complete these dreadful things called "tracking sheets" that list the name/address/phone/e-mail … Continue reading

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