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So I have this story. It’s called "Salamander, or the Summoner’s Tale." It’s about a salamander–the mythical creature of elemental Fire, not the wriggly amphibian–and the young man who conjures her into the physical world. It’s about 5000 words long. … Continue reading

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Eighties-off! Part Deux

Here it is… the long-awaited sequel to the original Eighties-Off! Your suggestions for Eighties-Off! III: Return of the Son of the Eighties-Off! are welcome as always. The Pretenders: "Brass in Pocket" or "10,000 Miles?" Wham!: "Careless Whisper" or "Everything She … Continue reading

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Schayonara, schweethearts

Duty calls! I’m leaving this afternoon for a three-day meeting in Salt Lake City, that international capital of hedonistic excitement. And I’m not… bringing… my laptop. (Heresy!) Behave yourselves while I’m gone, and do pop back in for round two … Continue reading

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Pluttification, a deadline and a meme

Today was Day 2 of the Great Homeschool Experiment–it should’ve been Day 4, but ha ha ha, I’m not really that organized or disciplined of a person. I guess there’s actually been some degree of homeschooling going on every day … Continue reading

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No, kitty, it’s a bad kitty!

This is the wee fluff-chunk that has become simultaneously the light of our lives and the bane of our existences. That’s Mean Jean Grey Thunderbird, captured during a rare moment of quiescence. Isn’t she cute? Can’t you just tell she’s … Continue reading

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Best-laid plans

Monday dawned gray and cheerless… just perfect for staying inside and embarking on our first official day of homeschool. A funny thing about my boys: they love them some workbooks. Filling in blanks. Circling words. Completing math drill sheets (well, … Continue reading

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Fisher, again

So remember how Fisher’s arm was sprained, not broken? About one o’clock today, I got a call from the urgent care clinic. They’d had an official radiologist officially review Fisher’s X-rays, and it was that radiologist’s informed opinion that the … Continue reading

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